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Pure Soapbox: A Cleansing Jolt of Perspective, ...
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So, what’ll it be, folks, chocolate or vanilla? Or just a stack of napkins? Quotes are one of the most engaging and widely used forms of inspiration. For millions, they create an experiential link to the past and cultivate hope for a brighter future. Kimberlie Dykeman engages her listeners by tapping this profound power and revealing fresh insights to encourage zestful exploration of how to be exactly who you want to be. Cleverly leveraging the wisdom of generational pioneers as diverse as John Quincy Adams and John Lennon, she transforms bite-sized gems into powerful forward-thinking life lessons. Pure Soapbox defies categorization as it urges listeners of every walk of life to examine life’s journey and create a path of joyful participation and gratifying purpose. Kimberlie paints a vivid picture of an attainable life beyond society’s bigger-better-faster demands. Devoted to enlightening and uplifting the masses, she offers a practical approach to life and its challenges: ´´motivation with a swift kick in the pants!” Pure Soapbox delivers a call-to-action that no one can ignore: Try more, do more, be more, love more! Carpe diem…and bring a helmet! 1. Language: English. Narrator: Kimberlie Dykeman. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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Rosins Restaurants - ´Italienisches Restaurant ...
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Wenige Gäste, langweiliges Essen und keine Motivation? Frank Rosin räumt auf in Deutschlands Restaurants! Der Sternekoch hat eine Woche Zeit, um Küche, Koch und Crew verbesserungswilliger Restaurants auf Vordermann zu bringen und für volle Gasträume zu sorgen. In jeder Folge gibt es ein ´Drei-Gänge-Menü´, das der Betrieb vor und nach Rosins Einsatz präsentiert. Hat sich die Mühe des prämierten Gourmet-Kochs gelohnt? Die ´Testesser´ entscheiden.

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